Massimo Carozzi, Sandrine Nicoletta – Interplay

LP [KHS 028] Listen / Pre-order (out May 10th)

Interplay is performed by five singers, from tenor clef to treble clef, recorded in different places at different times.
Each singer had not listened to what the others had recorded before.
They actually did not sing words, but produced sounds, reacting to the voice on certain situations given by the author.
Afterwards the five tracks have been combined together into a single track. The final result is an interplay of voices, an abstract sonorous space, disembodied.
After meeting and clashing with each other, following settled lines and routes, the voices become pure sound.




Concept by Sandrine Nicoletta.
Recorded at Raum, Bologna by Massimo Carozzi, and at Leo Chadburn’s Studio, London by Sandrine Nicoletta, Summer 2006.
Produced, assembled and mixed by Massimo Carozzi and Sandrine Nicoletta at ZimmerFrei Studio.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, September 2022.
Graphic design by Nicola Chemotti Beutel.
Executive production by Galleria Maze, Turin, 2006.
Voices: Alessandro Berti, Leo Chadburn, Margareth Kammerer, Nicoletta Magalotti, Valerio Tricoli.

Edition of 300 copies.