Claudio Rocchetti – An imitation of life

Book [KHS 1001] Pre-order (Out June 28th, 2024)

Disquiet. Loss. Choice. The courage to venture onto a road. Choosing another one. And disquiet again, having ascertained that neither leads to new lands: the images which make up An Imitation of Life convey all this to the observer, that is, the very act of seeing.
The gaze of a 9 year old, roughly eight hours of footage, the grain of a VHS-C: archeological finding of the first childhood brainwaves, the 78 video stills contained in these pages and organized according to a random logic by the verses of the adult Rocchetti, outline a sort of Bildungsroman, except there is no Bildung here, but only a focus opening up on objects. Looking is to Rocchetti the same as listening, eye and ear are the extension of one same perceiving.

Softcover, 16,5 x 22 cm.
115 pages, 78 color photographs.
Italian/English text.
With an essay by Vincenzo Santarcangelo.
Translations by Laura Matilde Mannino.
Graphic design by Alice Rocchetti.
Printed by Grafiche Veneziane on Munken Pure paper; cover on Fedrigoni Savile Row Plain camel paper.
Edition of 500 copies.

Claudio Rocchetti is a musician and composer whose research is mainly focused around concrete pastiches as the result of hardware live manipulation, turntable feedbacks as well as various recorded sources and objects. His most recent works include collaborations with director and performer Silvia Costa, and Lenz theatre foundation. His works have been released by labels such as Hundebiss, Die Schachtel, Presto?!, Second Sleep and Holidays Records. In 2018, Kohlhaas released his album Goldberg Variations.
Rocchetti is author of the books Il cuore delle formiche (bruno, 2015) and La polvere e le cose (Modo Infoshop, 2021).