Pequod - Ex-

LP 12” [KHS 005]

Pequod are an acoustic quartet (Antonio Bertoni – double bass, Federico Robol – bass flute and soprano sax, Luca Santini – cornet, Massimo Valentinotti – prepared guitar) formed in 2010, conceiving their music on a continuous tension between writing and improvisation and focusing their research on the sonic interaction between objects and spaces.
After five years spent performing and collaborating with some of the major figures of acoustic improvisation like Seijiro Murayama, Enrico Malatesta, Burkhard Beins, Christian Wolfarth, Axel D̦rner, Ingar Zach and Antez, Pequod are now at their third full length album Рand for the first time on wax: Ex-, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, will be out on October 12th 2015, featuring cover art photography by Francesco Pernigo portraiting a Mongolian ongon (courtesy Fondazione Sergio Poggianella) and layout by Campomarzio.
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