Enrico Coniglio – The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds

For function generator, loops, cassette player, effects
Tape [KHS 014]

Conceived as an exploration of the interstitial sound of matter, these two brand new tracks by Enrico Coniglio challenge the listener to take a path into the field of the audible and let him acknowledge the marginal possibilities of listen.
Moreover, as its author stated, «this work is about walking bent over through deserted, windy lands, where rocks are sharp and nature is at its peak».
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds comes in a 80 copies edition tape featuring the artwork by Clio Casadei.
Recorded live at Fusion Art Center/Neo, Padova, Italy, April 21st, 2018

This work is dedicated to Dmitry Vasilyev, may you find rest deep in the forest.

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