Simon Whetham – (II)nTolerance

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«InTolerance (published by Kohlhaas in 2017) consisted of a selection of combined scenes and activities in various global locations. Through the process of constructing the piece, it became clear that it was as much about my ability and fortune to be able to travel and cross borders with relative ease as it was about the situations I was able to document
(II)nTolerance is a sequel and a response to InTolerance. It is a personal reaction to the global pandemic and its wide-reaching effects through suffering, fear, misinformation as much as confinement and curfews. It is a personal response to the (somewhat incorrectly named) United Kingdom leaving the European Union and all the resulting events that are continually unravelling.
Travel has been limited when not impossible. Cultural exchange is only possible through mobile, online, remote communication. Tactile contact is feared. Families and friends have been divided physically, mentally, politically.
Fragmented memories emerged as sounds from recent years are repeatedly listened to. Unions, reunions, first meetings and last farewells. Staged and chance activities. Meticulous constructions. Static scenes. Abandoned sites. Interrupted signals. Severed connections. Energy transmitted, translated, received.
Locations were revisited retrospectively, introspectively, their whereabouts unimportant. Thanks will be sent privately to those who enabled this work in every way.»

Simon Whetham, 2021

Mixed by Simon Whetham.
Mastered by Phil Julian.
Cover artwork: “Wanderings” by Robert Sherrill, 2018.
Graphic design by Nicola Chemotti Beutel.
Edition of 200 copies.